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Wecome to Merrekai Senses!

'Merrekai' is an alternative expression of the modern Greek word 'meraki', which has no direct translation to English; its approximate meaning is
"the soul, creativity or love you put into something".
I used my first name - Merrin, in combination with the name of my beloved
feline companion of 11 years, Kai, to create Merrekai.
'Senses' reflects my life's learning that all of us humans have more than five senses. Affirmation of this awareness came to me through the words of Philip Shepherd in his book Radical Wholeness, The Embodied Present and the Ordinary Grace of Being, where he says that sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are but a fraction of the senses available to each of us. Sadly, many have lost connection with senses other than the standard five, due to entrapment within socio-cultural learnings. This has resulted in a dominant culture of the "head" and disconnection from the multiversed wisdom of the body, through which
so much more can be comprehended.

Thus, through Merrekai Senses
my intention is to bring soul, creativity and love through my sensing, on many levels, to what is sincerely requested by those who seek insight into their lives.

Please explore the pages of this site and be in touch with me
if you have any questions about what I offer.

Until we meet


For updates on Merrekai Tarot & Raven Nation go 



Port Willunga, South Australia

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