Snippets along the way...

Wednesday 26 May 2021


The occasion of launching my Raven Nation page on this website deserved, I thought, a card of insight into what-may-come of the work done to make it happen. So I reached for the closest deck - Madame Endora's Fortune Cards - and drew The Unicorn. I'm not much of a unicorn person really... there's been way too much hype of the super-positive type about this sacred creature, but I do have a soft spot for beautifully depicted, one-horned equines. And the image on this card has feist! (... is that a word?) so I like it for that as well as the darker background and the glow of it. It brings good fortune, healing and abundant creativity - it's a rare find and can represent a trustworthy friend as well. Yes, I'm in agreement with all of that! Most auspicious!


Oh - and of course - I almost forgot to mention that it's a full lunar eclipse tonight on the Gemini (Sun)/Sagittarius (Moon) axis. More radiance yet!



Sunday 30 May 2021

As announced in the Raven Nation Magician podcast, here's the books I've mentioned so far:

  • A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe: The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science by Michael S. Schneider

  • The Law of One: Book IV, THE RA MATERIAL By Ra, An Humble Messenger Of The Law Of One

  • The Royal Road: A Manual of Kabalistic Meditations on the Tarot by Stephan A. Hoeller

  • The Sacred Tarot by C. C. Zain (Elbert Benjamine, The Church of Light)

  • Dictionary of the Tarot by Bill Butler


sunset hills lookout sml.jpg

Sunday 20 June 2021

It's been a few days back from the Flinders and I'm still adjusting. Last time I went there it was 1999. Much has changed but it's as beautiful as ever. What an adventure, finding UVG (that's Unified Vector Geometry) grid point 44! Four wheel driving extraordinaire! We finally got there but could only stay ten minutes... that's a long story. The energy was incredible. Celebrating Gabrielle's 50th for 6 days, my heart sings with gratitude!

way back from 44 sml.jpg
tree screenshot sml.jpg

It was so good to be there at a raining time. Being a desert region it's unusual to see everything greened up. And the trees! Massive stories to tell. Been through bushfire and flood and still growing strong. The true meaning of awesome.


Saturday 4 September 2021

On Thursday (in South Australia) I interviewed Robin Preboy (it was Wednesday in Toronto, Canada) about the wisdoms she has gathered through her 13 years of experience of The Knowledge Book. The interview was featured on Friday's Raven Nation (yesterday). As promised on my Merry Nation Facebook page, I've uploaded the show as a podcast for all who may have missed it or couldn't listen due to time differences. Click the button below to listen!

 The Knowledge Book  interview with Robin Preboy aired 3 September 2021


If you're interested in learning more about The Knowledge Book, visit this link: