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Tarot, Oracles & Astrology readings
I use several decks of cards (Tarot & Oracle) during a reading session. I’ve developed this method to establish themes and guidance for seekers. Depending upon the individual need, I also use Numerology (based on birthdate and name) and Astrology (natal and predictive). Seekers receiving an in-person reading are welcome to request the use of a particular deck they see on my table and to offer their responses to any cards they draw. For remote readings, images of the cards drawn can be provided through specific viewing (video readings) or photos (phone readings). If you wish to receive a document (via email) about your reading I am happy to provide this, however there is an extra charge for this as document creation is time-consuming.

Intuitive Counselling

Experience has shown me that counselling (i.e. 'talk therapy') on its own works mainly on a mental/intellectual level without bringing changes to a person's physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. Memories are held in the whole body, not just in the brain. For this reason when offering counselling I recommend bodywork (from any modality chosen by the seeker) in parallel to the counselling process. The counselling I offer is done in conjunction with cards and astrology, adding deeper insight into the process of self-work.

Healing Work (Layered Healing)

The in-person healings I offer are intuitive. I access many senses, skills and several healing modalities during a healing session, working with the intention to give the seeker a gentle boost to their particular self-healing process. If during a session it becomes clear to me that the body-held tension and/or trauma of the seeker has built up over many years, I will recommend further sessions over a period of time, as I do not attempt to remove or 'cure' ailments within one session. The natural law of balance shows that the development of an issue takes time, therefore a similar period of time (+ effort by the seeker) will be needed to resolve the issue.

TIMING (Past, Present, Future)

Many people wish to know their future, particularly if their understanding

of 'having your cards done' is picked up from the popular notion of 'fortune telling'.

Through years of lived experience with reading cards for many people from all walks of life, I have seen that a person's approach to their past experience, combined with their present attitude, tends to determine what happens in the future. Thus my preferred approach is to assist seekers with dealing with their past-present dynamic and how it produces (and has produced) their ongoing future. Far-seeing into the future does have, (as I see it), ethical implications involving intrusion on the seeker's free will, particularly if they align with a fatalistic perspective on life. As the intention behind offering my skills is to uphold and support the exercise of seekers' free will, my approach focuses on the present and immediate future, with offering of guidance. Therefore, if you wish to look a long way ahead, please ask directly for this. I have found that a predictive astrological reading combined with cards can be the most helpful to seekers wishing to look a long way into the future...



 A woman went to a card reader who told her she was going to have an accident. A few months later, the woman was hiking around a mountain side. She saw a huge boulder rolling down the mountain toward her and, remembering the reader's prediction, she froze on the spot, thinking to herself "Ah, here's the accident!"

The boulder rolled across her body and she was rushed to hospital some time later.

This woman could have seen the boulder, exercised her free will

and done her best to get out of its way, rather than doing nothing

whilst focusing on the 'fate' predicted by the reader.

Keeping this story in mind, I emphasise that the intention behind my offering of services is to assist seekers to explore possibilities and examine the connection between their inner and outer environments (self-work and world-work), using the knowledge gained from their reading to deepen and broaden this connection, thereby enabling them to participate more consciously in the creation of their own life.

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