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Robin Preboy & The Knowledge Book
Interview 3 September 2021

Robin is a mother, painter, writer, trance dancer and life coach. She lives with her husband and son in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Since moving through the profound energetic power of a kundalini experience in 1980, she's been interested in the development and acceleration of human consciousness, hers and humanity's. With a lot of life experience, including many creative, transformative adventures, she is currently a Solar Teacher through studies with The Knowledge Book; a cosmic book of Light and a universal unification program that guides, develops and accelerates human consciousness to universal and cosmic consciousness.

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Raven Nation 26 November 2021
Talking about eclipses & synchronicities...

Music and great insight into the eclipse season closing 2021 (5 Nov - 11 Dec) from Sarah Varcas, UK astrologer (read and listen here

Hold That Unwavering Gaze!

And... hear Tom Montalk's wisdom on the 7 types of synchronicity. Learn more at

        Enjoy this Raven Nation session here: 

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